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GMV GSharp for Automotive

A highly accurate, safe GNSS positioning system for autonomous vehicles 


As autonomous vehicles are set to become commercially available, to provide high-accuracy and safe positioning information such as position, velocity, and heading becomes critical to guarantee their Autonomous Driving functions.


Global navigation satellite systems provide absolute vehicle positioning. 


GMV GSharp is a highly accurate and safe positioning system that provides in real-time a trusted safe area, defined by the so-called Protection Levels, where the probability of erroneous positioning is extremely low.


This highly accurate GNSS solution incorporates onboard positioning software that calculates a vehicle’s position using advanced GMV-developed algorithms, including components that have already been patented. These algorithms have been especially modified and adapted to meet stringent performance and safety requirements. The data produced is used together with the GNSS signals and other sensory information, in order to accurately compute a vehicle's position, speed and direction. 


GMV GSharp is fast, safe, secure, reliable and robust with guaranteed performance in different scenarios. The system satisfies the most demanding needs of autonomous driving. And what’s more, this cutting-edge technology is ready-to-use in autonomous vehicles at a fraction of the cost of other ADAS sensors.

Drive easier, drive safer, drive with peace of mind with GMV’s GSharp self-drive positioning solution.