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The vehicle inspection booth

DeGould Auto-scan offers high-quality imaging for exceptional vehicle condition capture. Ultra-high-resolution images, ranging from 61 to 240 mega pixels, are captured using an optimised controlled lighting environment inside the Auto-scan booth, providing a full and accurate vehicle condition record. 

Auto-scan also uses DeGould’s proven dent-arch lighting system and artificial intelligence algorithms for superior dent and damage detection. Images are recorded for review in a dashboard to determine plant quality and assign damage liability, improving the car manufacturer’s supply chain. The accuracy of vehicle inspections is increased, thereby improving finished vehicle quality leaving the manufacturing plants. As systems are increasingly deployed through the logistics chain the car manufacturer can better control the delivery process to the end customer – the ultimate determinant of quality for the brand. 

It also saves on money by delivering tangible cost savings in two key areas: first, savings in vehicle inspection by automating a previously manual process, and second, reducing the incidence and cost of warranty claims. With a length of only 3.5m the inspection booth can be installed as an automated drive-through system or sit over a factory conveyer. 

Systems are now installed in several manufacturing plants in Europe, the US and China. The business benefits have also led to the systems being deployed further down the finished vehicle logistics chain to validate transit liability and insurance claims. The various installations have already processed over 3 million vehicles, providing the machine learning data to develop an extremely accurate artificial intelligence algorithm, enabled by the quality of the images.