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Aquaplaning Intelligent Solution

Counteracting the danger of aquaplaning

the asphalt excessively wet. The consequences are the loss of grip of the tyre and the loss of control of the vehicle. This is an unsolved issue that compromises the safety of passengers and other travellers, resulting in thousands of injured victims around the world, resulting from aquaplaning accidents. 

For this reason, thanks to the ambitious but necessary vision of saving lives, EasyRain has developed the Aquaplaning Intelligent Solution (AIS), a system capable of countering aquaplaning through a simple, small and innovative solution. Conducted tests show an increase in vehicle performance of 35% in straight line and 30% in corners, with a repeatability of 100%. 

AIS is a device consisting of a pump and two injectors. A controlled jet of high-pressure water injected onto wet asphalt breaks the water layer, restoring the grip and the vehicle control. The system is activated thanks to a proprietary software. Therefore, AIS avoids accidents, saving lives. 

The device does not require new sensors or a dedicated tank. It only uses those already available on the vehicle. Consequently, AIS is an affordable and easy to install solution thanks to its small size and weight. It is also environmentally friendly because it uses only a small amount of water. 

AIS is developed and tested as a solution for the automotive market, especially for car maker brands. It is also ready for electric vehicles, applicable to autonomous vehicle and ready to be connected via 5G network. Not only that. AIS can allow the development of a new rolling resistance tyre. In this sense, its benefits are the reduction of CO2 emissions and the lengthen of the autonomy of electric vehicles.