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Electric Vehicle Routing Engine

Smart navigation for electric mobility

Designed to remove the anxiety of driving an electric car, Chargetrip’s routing engine uses over fifteen different variables to calculate the real-time range of any electric vehicle. Among other factors, it takes into account the outside temperature, weather, charge speed, elevation, rolling resistance, real-time vehicle data, and congestion at charging stations.

Based on this data, the routing algorithm then calculates the best route to a user’s destination, and notes the optimal charge stations in between. Built-in predictive models optimise for total travel-time and travel-costs. Like, station availability, the weather, temperature, traffic etc. When variables change, the route is updated automatically using the GraphQL subscription method. This allows for flexible and highly efficient dynamic re-routing and route optimisation. 

Chargetrip designed its routing engine with high volume connected mobility in mind. It uses in-house developed graph database technology in combination with a proprietary electric vehicle-specific planning algorithm optimised for multiple dynamic variables. One of the most vital ingredients for electric vehicle specific navigation are accurate consumption models under different circumstances. To address this, Chargetrip developed an electric vehicle consumption model database of all electronic vehicles on the road. This database is constantly updated and improved with input from users around the world.