clepa Back Smart-Vision


Smart camera monitoring system

Smart-Vision disrupts the existing rear-view mirrors market by replacing traditional bus and coach side mirrors with wide-angle cameras and interior monitors. 

Compared with traditional side mirrors, Smart-Vision offers optimised visibility by expanding the field of view by an estimated 25% and by eliminating lateral blind spots. The interior displays help to reduce driver fatigue by eliminating glare and by requiring less lateral head and eye movement, due to the monitor location on the A-pillar. 

Automatic adjustment of the screens’ brightness ensures excellent visibility in all lighting conditions, night and day, in every weather and in any driving environment. The cameras re-focus to adapt to rain drops or dirt on the lenses and an optional camera heater keeps them clear of ice or fogging. In addition, Smart-Vision has a camera lens self-cleaning feature that triggers a spray of air to clean its “eyes”. 

Smart-Vision not only offers greater driving comfort and safety by improving drivers’ comfort, but also allows a high return on investment of under 2 years in average. Indeed, the system enables to significantly cut down fuel consumption, by around 5%, thanks to the removal of the mirrors, which lowers wind resistance for improved aerodynamics. 

It also eliminates the risk of collision between the mirror and a road user when pulling into bus stops or when cyclists ride along the coach; pedestrians and cyclists are visible from the front to the rear of the vehicle. This minimises the maintenance costs linked to potential injuries and damages, while maximising the vehicle’s performance.