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Sidescan predict

The next generation of side-detection sensor systems

Current detection systems are designed to ensure the driver and vulnerable road user (VRU) are aware of their proximity to one another. The intention of such systems is to prevent collisions from happening but these systems are not predictive.

Brigade’s SideScan®Predict is the next generation of side-detection sensor systems using ultrasonic technology to predict if a collision is likely to occur. 

Brigade’s SideScan®Predict uses artificial intelligence to gather data such as speed, direction and acceleration of both the vehicle and detected object. By differentiating between static and moving objects, Brigade’s SideScan®Predict algorithm assesses the risk and calculates the likelihood of impact. The system is in constant operation below 20 miles per hour (mph)/32 kilometres per hour (kmh) with or without the indicators activated and is specifically designed for rigid vehicles (e.g. box vehicles, tippers, mixers, coaches and buses, etc). 

SideScan®Predict uses clear visual and audible alerts to make the driver aware of the potential dangers using a three-step warning system. The first step is when a ‘Moving Object is Detected’, which triggers a yellow visual warning but has no sound, so driver distraction is minimised. The second step ‘Danger of Collision’ warning, also lights up yellow but has an audible warning to alert the driver to be vigilant of a VRU moving in close proximity of the vehicle. The third and final warning, where a 'Collision is Predicted’, via a red flashing light and highly pitched audible warning for the driver to take immediate action to avoid a collision with a moving object, such as a pedestrian, cyclist, car, or a fixed or static object.

Brigade’s SideScan®Predict bridges the gap between the existing collision detection systems and a predictive system.