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Advanced Rider Assistance system

Camera-based warning system prevents accidents, saving lives of motorbike riders

Riding a motorbike is one of the most beautiful modes of transport. Unfortunately, it is also much more dangerous than driving a car. The statistical risk of an accident on a motorbike is 28 times higher than in a car. In the European Union alone, more than 275,000 motorcyclists were injured and  more than 4,000 deceased in 2020. In many cases, a warning system could have prevented an accident or, at least, reduced its severity.

Continental’s camera-based warning system, developed together with RideVision, can help prevent accidents and fatalities. Two cameras installed on the motorbike monitor the vehicle's surroundings to the front and rear. These cameras detect critical situations at an early stage including vehicles in the blind spot as well as those directly in front of the motorbike.

In critical situations, the driver is warned via LEDs installed in the mirrors and an audio signal into the helmet headset. The system is based on an artificial intelligence algorithm that analyses the traffic situation taking into account speed, acceleration and trajectories. This warning system covers the three main accident categories - run-up, cross traffic and blind-spot – which cumulates to 85% of all motorbike accidents.

This camera-based warning system can even be retrofitted to motorbikes already on the road, enhancing the safety of all riders and road users. It’s like having a guardian angel riding alongside you at all times.