clepa Back Smart Power Conversion Module

Smart Power Conversion Module

The next generation of direct current Converters for hybrid and electric vehicles

Nearly every major global vehicle manufacturer has announced plans to electrify their vehicle, either partially or fully, over the next decade. Hybrid and fully electric vehicles are an undeniable force within the industry and are expected to account for more than half of all vehicles produced by 2027*

A key component of those hybrid and electric vehicles is the DC-DC (Direct Current) Converter – a bi-directional converter that bridges a vehicle’s electric propulsion system and 12-V interior electronics. Every single hybrid or electric vehicle produced today has one.

The Flex Smart Power Conversion Module goes beyond anything the market has seen. And even though we’re initially focusing on 48-V mild hybrid vehicles, this module is the next generation of DC-DC Converters.

The size, weight and components have been reduced by a third of those of its predecessor, while peak efficiency is still maintained at an impressive 97.5%. Its platform approach means it’s scalable to a variety of power needs, including a roadmap to high voltage solutions for electric vehicles. It runs on proprietary software that allows our customers to customize to their own requirements. It is also rated for ASIL D – the highest possible safety integrity rating under ISO 26262.

The Flex DC-DC Converter is a significant step forward in every conceivable way, while also helping original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) to reduce their environmental footprint and rare earth material usage compared with other magnetic-coupled conversion systems.

Smarter, smaller, lighter, better for the environment, highly efficient and scalable for varying power needs of a fast-approaching future – the Flex DC-DC Converter is leading the way in hybrid technology.

* IHS Markit