clepa Back Electrification Kit

Electrification Kit

Retrofit kit for commercial diesel vehicles 

e-troFit’s mission is to offer a climate-friendly, resource saving, easy adaptable and sustainable, and at the same time affordable, mobility concept. Current focus is primarily on developing fully integrated solutions for the electrification of commercial vehicles. The change to emission free public transport is an important matter. The innovative e-troFit electrification kit not only helps to achieve carbon-neutral objectives, it also helps to reduce the costs of electromobility. 

The European Union’s environmental goals of decarbonising transportation cannot only be met through the purchasing of new electric vehicles. Instead e-troFit converts vehicles that have already, exceeded their carbon and nitrogen values, thus making them climate neutral by replacing certain components.

Retrofitting and refurbishment in the commercial vehicle market are quite familiar. But retrofitting a whole drive system to be zero-emission is unique. The ability to retrofit vehicles, allows the vehicle life cycle to be extended significantly, something which is especially important for many public transit services. Opting for retrofitting also has a major positive impact on a fleet’s carbon footprint, as the electrification kit allows a vehicle to produce around 30% fewer CO2 emissions when compared to the manufacturing process of a new vehicle. 

Full-electric commercial vehicles uptake is slowly ramping up, e-troFit with its innovation is ready to offer a series-ready product of the latest technology in larger quantities. The cost-effective e-drive system offers a very competitive alternative to new commercial electric vehicles and diesel commercial vehicles on total cost of ownership. Additionally, customers can get their vehicle based on an individual charging concept, including charging infrastructure.