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Fully Automated Curb Management Platform

Ending curbside chaos

Curb space is some of the most valuable real-estate in cities. Growing demand and inefficient management of this space lead to serious traffic and parking problems in and around urban areas. 30% of traffic in cities has been found to be drivers searching for parking. This means that, as demand for curb space increases, so does traffic. Managing curb space is only getting more difficult with ride-sharing vehicles, micro-mobility services (scooters), and an increasingly delivery-centric society. 

This valued real-estate could benefit greatly from being managed effectively. Currently, many city administrators find it a challenge coordinate compliance and turnover. As curb space data is unavailable for potential users, and administrators assigning policies and pricing, decisions are based on fragments of data or intuition. 

Automotus uses computer vision (video analytics) to automate all aspects of curb management: collecting multi-modal transportation data, sharing live availability data, automating parking payment, and enforcing parking and loading zone usage.  Multi-modal analytics make it easy for transportation administrators to adjust policies and pricing, and mould their mobility landscapes based on their communities’ needs. Data is collected on buses, ride-sharing vehicles, scooters, bikes, delivery trucks, pedestrians, and passenger vehicles. 

Sharing live availability data reduces time spent by drivers searching for parking and the impact they have on traffic. Automated payment reduces friction for drivers and boosts turnover. And, automated enforcement captures more than 5x the amount violations caught by market-leading solutions, measurably boosting parking and loading zone turnover. 

Beyond these solutions, Automotus also works with communities on additional analytics and compliance tools for more unique mobility operations – this includes monitoring Uber/Lyft pick-up zones, bus loading zones, and scooter parking zones.