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48V eAccess

The smart solution for urban mobility

Addressing the question of how to reduce fuel consumption and CO2 emissions of the average vehicle, Valeo’s 48V eAccess is designed to integrate seamlessly in the powertrain architecture. It can do this as it does not require the expensive modifications of existing designs, nor the stringent safety standards which go hand in hand with high-voltage solutions. This makes the vehicle more economical than if it were equipped with a high-voltage all electric solution. This is largely due to the fact that it can do without some of the components and systems that a high-voltage system is required to have for user safety reasons. By making electric vehicles more affordable, both to purchase and run, eAccess can drive further momentum for the electrification revolution. Additionally, a low voltage 48V motor is much cheaper than a high-voltage electrical system. 

At a changing time where people are more and more concerned about their impact on the environment, the acceleration of electric urban mobility beyond traditional passenger cars, especially on light vehicles’ scope, is undeniable and Valeo is offering an affordable and versatile solution. 

Valeo’s 48V machines are “chameleons” and they can be mounted in different positions within the vehicle, depending on the automaker’s requirements. In addition to traditional cars, new small all-electric urban vehicles can be powered solely by the 48V systems, including autonomous shuttles, robotaxis, two- and three-wheelers, and even delivery droids. 

The low voltage electric motor can also be combined with a traditional engine for numerous benefits: the energy produced during braking and deceleration is re-used to power the vehicle, while fuel consumption and CO2 emissions are cut by 10%. That’s not all: a hybrid vehicle’s traditional 12V electrical system can be converted to 48V without major modification costs.