clepa Back AIS (Aquaplaning Intelligent Solution) & DAI (Digital Aquaplaning Information)

AIS (Aquaplaning Intelligent Solution) & DAI (Digital Aquaplaning Information)

Working to reduce casualties on wet roads by improving safety functions

Easyrain has developed and patented the first active safety system able to solve aquaplaning. The aquaplaning intelligent solution (AIS) secures driving on wet roads thanks to the virtual digital aquaplaning information (DAI) sensor.

The active safety systems currently on the market are not so effective in preventing aquaplaning. The AIS is different because it is the first of its kind to focus not on the vehicle but on the external elements such as wiping the water ahead of the front tyres.

In addition to the improved safety features, the AIS operates with new low-rolling resistance tyres that are able to reduce the carbon dioxide emissions, lengthen the battery range of electric cars and clean the ADAS sensors. The AIS also works with a controlled jet of water that breaks the water layer, restoring vehicle control. The DAI virtual sensor secures the driving on wet asphalt, optimizing vehicle speed in real time, and alerting the driver with a warning system in the human-machine interface (HMI) and adding new features such as adaptive wet cruise control.

The DAI works with predictive algorithms, using data available through the controller area network. It can be integrated to the 5G network to warn nearby vehicles; collect data about dangerous road conditions; and communicate with the infrastructures thanks to the creation of a dedicated Easyrain Cloud.

What’s more, the AIS doesn’t need further tank and DAI doesn’t need further physical sensors to those already in use. Both systems are designed to improve the safety of every vehicle on today’s roads, reducing crashes on wet roads and ultimately saving lives.