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Ultra low emission foam

New sustainable foams to achieve higher safety standards

Today’s health and safety standards call for the reduction of a long list of hazardous substances used in components, materials and liquids needed to build and drive each car as they have proven to have a negative impact on our health.

New foam technologies help producers of automotive components to meet their ‘green’ targets and achieve higher safety standards for everyone travelling by car.

An ongoing challenge for manufacturers of automotive interiors is identifying high-performance materials that can be used to make a range of parts and meet the demanding manufacturing norms for in-car emissions.

Global chemicals producer, Huntsman, is responding to this need with its innovative new line of low-emissions foams – ACOUSTIFLEX® LE and RUBIFLEX® LE. These new foam technologies are helping to transform the industry towards cleaner and safer transport in a more carbon-neutral society.

The flexible polyurethane foam technologies mean producers can streamline their value chains to produce a wider range of interior parts based on this one material – making procurement more efficient. They are also the first commercially available foams on the market that significantly reduce emissions inside the car, bringing more comfort and safety to passengers.

Automotive component producers are continually progressing towards green targets, adapting to consumer preferences and emerging regulations, environmental laws and international policies and standards (e.g. the Vehicle Interior Air Quality emissions from interior components; the Circular Cars Initiative EU policy action roadmap1).

ACOUSTIFLEX® LE and RUBIFLEX® LE are engineered specifically for automotive seating parts and sound insulation components, and are also suitable for making a wide range of standard automotive components.