clepa Back Imaging Radar for Automotive Safety Applications

Imaging Radar for Automotive Safety Applications

Real-time tracking without cameras

Vayyar’s intelligent sensors create holistic safety opportunities for in-cabin and Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS), using automotive-grade 4D imaging radar technology. At the core of these sensors is a high-performance Radar-on-Chip that supports up to 48 transceivers for exceptional resolution. With an ultra-wide field of view, the 60GHz and 79GHz single-chip radar modules cover large areas to reduce the number of sensors in vehicles. They provide comprehensive detection in and around the vehicle, while simultaneously tracking multiple targets and objects. Vayyar technology is multifunctional, affordable and robust in all road conditions, while protecting user privacy. 

The in-cabin sensors help prevent the tragedy of hot-car fatalities in locked vehicles. These tragedies are all preventable, by means of our reliable, accurate and affordable technology. Vayyar’s intelligent sensor enables Child Presence Detection to prevent hot car incidents, even if the infant is covered by a blanket or hidden in a car seat or in the foot well. Other functions supported by this single-chip automotive solution include smart airbag deployment, occupant status monitoring and intruder alerts. 

The sensor solutions go beyond the vehicle interior. As more cars occupy the roads, so do more scooters and pedestrians increasing the need for exterior detection and monitoring capabilities to prevent injuries or deaths. Vayyar’s ADAS sensors provide collision avoidance by incorporating cutting edge 4D point cloud imaging, for complete classification of multiple static and dynamic targets such as cars and pedestrians. The high-resolution imaging radar operates effectively in all lighting and weather conditions and supports all autonomous vehicle safety features such as: Collision Warnings, Valet Parking, Blind Spot Detection, Lane Change Assist, Automatic Emergency Braking, Around Vehicle Monitoring, and height obstacle detection.