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PictureBeam Monolithic

High-definition LED array solution for automotive lighting systems

Road marking consists in projecting patterns on the road, with positive or negative contrast. These are to help the driver, as well as other road users, with mostly safety related features. They could be lane marking, highlighting certain areas, road signs projection, information displays. Until now, most of these functions have been observed with projection units using hundreds of thousands of pixels, and barely with a discreet pixelised light source. 

Powered by breakthrough Cree LED technology, Valeo PictureBeam Monolithic is the first complete high-definition lighting system that provides both glare free and high beam road marking functions together with high performance low beam and high beam in a single compact solution. 

This unique solution incorporates a scalable LED array in which the pixels of the light beam are formed directly at the light source. The module is therefore smaller and weighs less than other HD lighting systems on the market, making it easier to integrate into all vehicle classes. It enables the ability to scale up to thousands of pixels. Under the control of Valeo’s electronic system, each pixel can be individually switched on, off or adjusted at will based on driver needs and road conditions. 

The PictureBeam system brings the function one step closer to being a real glare-free high beam, with a high accuracy in the cut-off position. Compared to other HD systems, for which the luminous source itself is separated from the light spatial modulator, it is the simplest solution in terms of number of components. 

The technology is based on a monolithic LED, with 3,696 pixels to produce a high definition beam on the whole field. The main purpose of this module is to produce a HD beam on the whole field. This module also makes it possible to do road marking for Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS), but from 15 meters in front of the car.