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Xevo Market

Automotive commerce and services platform

Xevo Market is a digital commerce platform which is aimed at drivers, allowing them to do things like find the nearest gas station and pay for fuel, order their favourite food and beverages, make a dinner reservation, or reserve and pay for parking, all from the comfort of their car, though their vehicle touch screen or companion smartphone app. The platform enables millions of drivers to use their touch screens much like a smartphone. The network enables merchant brands to deliver their experiences into vehicles across multiple automakers on a single intuitive platform, simplifying and enhancing the in-vehicle experience. Xevo also adapts apps to vehicle requirements and simplifies them to reduce driver distraction.

Xevo Market is the first white-label, intelligent, cloud-based, in-vehicle commerce and services platform for the automotive industry. This technology allows automakers to connect merchants with consumers to offer tailored in-vehicle user experiences.

For consumers, Xevo Market enables in-vehicle purchases with an integrated wallet, all with distraction-free driving and safety-tested interfaces. Applications are continuously updated, and new services are suggested based on the user’s preferences, which move across vehicles whether it is their own car, a rental car, or they are using a car-share service.

The platform provides post-sale revenue opportunities, encourages brand loyalty, reduces data usage and in-vehicle software, and obtains data-driven consumer insights. Employing a thin-client architecture, the platform is backward-compatible and can be deployed globally to vehicles already on the road.