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The first smart bumper

The SmartFACE is an innovative concept that improves the vehicle body and architecture, through the integration of advanced electronics technologies like lighting, radars, LiDAR and other devices. The innovation relies on organising the design content and activities differently, in order to integrate more efficiently pieces of exterior lighting modules into the vehicle front end, such as head lamps and day running lights. 

The SmartFACE is a unique concept built with the strengths and know-how of Plastic Omnium and Hella combining their forces in order to create added-value synergies. The resulting technology guaranties a perfect integration of advanced lighting systems into vehicle body exterior panels. 

The major challenge for this kind of systems is the protection of sensors in hostile driving environments and their costs. The sensors integrity is guaranteed during the whole life of the vehicle thanks to the optimised assembly behind a bumper, which allows permanent protection from crashes despite the use of transparent surfaces with embedded cleaning and defrosting systems. 

The technology allows incremental integration of autonomous driving functions, from basic driving assistance to full autonomous driving, including the integration of lightning displays to allow the communication with the external environment of the car. 

The demand for differentiation and performance of connected and autonomous vehicles will continue to grow in the future. Platform like battery electric vehicles, hybrid SUVs and premium vehicles are potential targets in the future. 

The innovation brings unique technology improvements that enable to offer to car makers an optimised product solution for the complete front end of the vehicle incorporating to the bumper, additional lighting and sensors-technologies fully integrated. Also, the system approach, helps the manufacturers develop more functionalities, while decreasing their supplier management complexity and cost