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DTS AutoSense Occupant Monitoring Solution

Enhanced in-cabin safety and user experience

As global vehicle safety standards and regulatory requirements become more rigorous, access to a forward-looking, holistic in-cabin monitoring safety system that goes beyond driver monitoring to include all occupants becomes paramount.  And, as the level of vehicle automation and the range of occupant activities in-vehicle increases, this need becomes even more pronounced. 

DTS AutoSense Occupant Monitoring Solution answers this industry need with a solution that understands the physical and mental state of all vehicle passengers, reports it in real time and does so without cloud connectivity.  This is accomplished via edge computing implementation of the solution’s advanced computer vision and machine learning techniques. 

Xperi’s in-cabin monitoring technology equips vehicles with the ability to provide a safer, more personalised and convenient experience for drivers and occupants. The sensing technology can help prevent traffic accidents, by monitoring the driver for signs of exhaustion or distraction. For each human occupant, the technology provides advanced analytics such as passenger authentication, age group, emotional state, and body pose. In addition to monitoring all human occupants of a vehicle, the sensors also detect pets and relevant objects, such as child seats, to prevent these from being accidentally left in the vehicle. 

The Occupant Monitoring Solution is extremely lightweight and can run either as part of an existing electronic control unit or in a dedicated one, without the need for any hardware acceleration. It employs a single RGB-IR camera and near infrared illumination. Powered by artificial intelligence, each feature relies on neural networks designed, trained, and tested in-house.