clepa Back Pyrotechnic Battery Disconnect for electric vehicles

Pyrotechnic Battery Disconnect for electric vehicles

A complete fail-safe technology protecting drivers, passengers and first responders 


With the rapid increase on the use of high voltage electric vehicle, electrification safety concerns are becoming more prevalent. 


High voltage & amperage electrification systems carry additional risks and dangers in crash or emergency situations. Batteries and the power transfer wiring can become damaged and short circuit threatening for occupants and first responders. Power surges or electrical faults when charging or from damage can result in fires and secondary damage to complex vehicle systems.


Joyson Safety Systems have pioneered an active, low-cost, small, lightweight safety-based Pyrotechnic Battery Disconnect. Designed for the full & hybrid electric vehicle market, the battery irreversibly disconnects the high voltage, high current flow from the electric vehicle battery to the surrounding electric vehicle systems. 


The device safely manages the resulting plasma arc generated from severing voltages in excess of 460 Volt Direct Current and 12 kiloampere (kA), in under 1 millisecond, and it’s small enough to fit either within the battery management system or externally. 


The device can be triggered by the battery management system or the vehicle crash control module, as it can be located in any of them given its small size. When triggered, the device serves three distinct purposes:


Firstly, it protects occupants and first responders from electrocution by instantly severing vehicle power. Secondly, it protects the vehicle’s electronics from electric power surges in the case of an accident, thus reducing repair costs. And thirdly, it mitigates the probability of a battery thermal runaway fire in the event of an overcurrent, surge, or battery malfunction.


With its high current, mighty voltage capacity and high-speed cutting performance, the Joyson Pyrotechnic Battery Disconnect is a complete fail-safe solution protecting first responders, drivers, and passengers.