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Argus ECU Protection

Cyber security system keeps vehicles connected and protected


As modern vehicles become smarter and more connected to the outside world, they become increasingly reliant on software. At the same time, they also become increasingly vulnerable to cyber-attacks.


Argus ECU Protection (EP) is one of the first automotive host intrusion detection and prevention systems built to secure connected electronic control units (ECUs), such as the infotainment centre, telematics unit, or advanced driving assistance systems (ADAS). Already deployed in over 20 million vehicles, it provides multiple security layers that protect the system even if breached, compromised or rooted.


The EP features four modules that can be deployed individually or together for maximum protection. These give layers of protection, detection, response, and secure logging of a wide range of automotive attack scenarios, and which prevent attacks in real-time without connectivity or human intervention. Logged security events can be reported back to a vehicle security operation centre (VSOC) for further investigation and remediation. Argus ECU Protection supports various operating systems such as Linux, Android OS, Adaptive AUTOSAR, and QNX.


Argus ECU Protection has been designed from the ground up to address automotive scenarios based on the insights of dozens of automotive cyber security research projects. In addition to providing a high level of security, it gives vehicle manufacturers tailor-made solutions that are modular and easy to integrate, with a small footprint and that demand minimal system resources.


Aligned with the latest automotive standards and regulations such as UN ECE R155 (WP.29) and GB/T, Argus ECU Protection is a game changer in ensuring vehicles remain connected and protected. By providing end-point protection that greatly enhances existing standard automotive cyber security technologies, Argus ECU Protection is well positioned to deliver the best in automotive cyber security, compliance and a safer future.