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Precise Vehicle Identification System

End-to-end parts traceability

AutoDAP’s Circular economy initiative addresses waste pools and unlocks significant value of the end-of-life vehicles. A key focus area is precise vehicle identification which allows end-to-end traceability of the parts, and introduced a high degree of efficiency in the flow across the complex global automotive ecosystem. Extending the life of a vehicle is essential to reducing the total cost of ownership for consumers. It is necessary to increase the parts’ lives and ensure that parts are utilised in an optimum reusable, recyclable, and recoverable way. 

Hence, enhanced Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) data plays a vital role in parts identification. AutoDAP’s software simplifies the identification of car parts through enhanced VIN data. The parts catalogues in the EU are based on aftermarket supplier data sets aggregated by multiple data consortiums or aggregation groups. These are usually mapped to vehicle classifiers and parts categories. It renders one model type to have 2-6 parts options for every assembly. 

To overcome this challenge, precise vehicle identification mapped to vehicle configuration is very critical, which should result in the exact suitable part for the specific vehicle and not a list of possible parts. In this way the identification system is bridging the gap between “The list of possible parts “ and “VIN Precise Part Identification”. 

Features which this enables include: artificial intelligence-driven smart valuation of vehicles, virtual damage assessment, and smart repair and maintenance. This enables users to enjoy intelligent price comparisons for used cars, faster insurance quotas, and fraud originated by reduced trade-in, incentive or dealer.