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Natural 3D Display

3D Experience with touch function

In times of e-mobility, interior design and user experience are becoming key to customers. Continental’s Natural 3D Display is a new safe and intuitive way for drivers and their passengers to interface with their vehicle, through both gesture recognition and touch control. The central console will float 3D images and data a few inches from the display’s surface and be visible from any seat in the vehicle without the need for special glasses. People are able to perceive information faster, and more intuitively when it is presented to them 3-dimensionally.

Natural 3D stands for the reinvention of 3D displays based on innovative nanotechnology from Silicon Valley startup company Leia. Conventional 3D display technologies mostly rely on head-tracking cameras to provide a stable 3D image for just one viewer. The so-called Lightfield technology, in contrast, enables an entirely new 3D experience for all vehicle occupants at the same time – without the need for a camera. This is achieved by the combination of nanotechnology backlights and innovative software algorithms, executed on a powerful Cockpit High Performance Computer. The holographic image generated with this technology results in a more natural 3D perception for the viewers.

Thanks to capacitive gesture recognition, interaction with the holographic elements is remarkably intuitive. Continental’s Natural 3D Lightfield Centerstack is the first automotive display to combine 3D user experience with 3D gesture interaction, touch operation and haptic feedback. It is developed to enrich the user experience and offer new use cases and content apps in the fields of information, navigation and entertainment.